The Pride Parade has always been the epicenter of loud and proud style. The floats, participants, and attendees all dress in their rainbow-hued best to promote a message of positivity, self-respect over shame, and awareness within the LGBTQ community and among its allies. AT&T is a part of this movement, encouraging equality for everyone through its involvement in and support of Pride Week.

This year’s parade proved to be an even more joyful affair. New York City came out in spades, paying tribute to the recent history-making Supreme Court ruling. A brief refresher: two days before the march, the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is a right in all states. And the environment was justly triumphant, with sparkly costumes, headdresses, heels, and of course, every color of the rainbow. We curated our favorite looks below.

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Photos by Noah Fowler.